Factors to Consider When Choosing Pond Aerators

Pond aerators are very useful in maintaining a pond. Whether the pond is for landscaping or farming purposes, it will certainly need an excellent aerator to supply more oxygen in the water. One of its notable benefits includes reducing the growth of algae and scum in order to create an ideal living environment for the fishes and other living things. For that, here are the fundamental factors that have to be considered when choosing aerators:

Types of Aerators

There are actually two types of aerators: diffused and surface aerators. Diffused aerators or bottom aerators, infuse oxygen at the bottom part of the pond. On the other hand, surface aerators infuse oxygen by splashing the water. If the pond’s depth is more than 6 feet, a bottom aerator is a better choice than a Kasco Fountain.

Number of Aerators

The number of aerators for a pond will basically depend upon the size and shape. The bigger the pond is apparently the more aerators are required. The size of the pond must also be considered. If the pond is oddly shaped, it is harder for only one aerator to supply oxygen in the entire parts of the pond. Hence, more aerators are needed.


Generally, an aerator’s cost will depend upon its type. Bottom aerators are actually more expensive than surface aerators. But there are also surface aerators that shoot water into the air and create a fountain effect. Those surface aerators are referred to as display aerators which are usually the most expensive. You can find very reasonably priced pond & lake aeration systems at Living Water Aeration.

Energy Requirement

Typically, standard aerators have 110-volt systems. However, more powerful aerators have 220-volt systems.

Additional Features

Aside from the aerators that shoot up water into the air, there are also such things as heating aerators. From the name itself, they can provide heat to maintain the ideal temperature of the pond.

Those are all the factors that have to be considered when choosing pond aerators. This task is fairly easy. Just follow all the considerations stated above and acquiring an excellent aerator is most likely possible.